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Basics & Beyond

Crochet Classes for Beginners.No prior experience needed.
Learn Crochet on KreativYarn YouTube Channel
Crochet Basics Video: 
1. Chains           4. Double Crochet
2. Single Crochet   5. Half Double Crochet
3. Slip Stitch      6. Triple Crochet


KreativYarn mainly focus on teaching kids and adults about crochet, knitting and loom knitting. It helps you get started with crochet or knitting from holding your hook to creating a beautiful product, get the techniques you need to crochet or knit with confidence.

We will start from basics and provide step-by-step instruction from selecting the right yarn and hook. Proper way of holding your hook and working yarn. We will start with basic chain stitch and move on to single, half double, double, triple and slip stitch. If you master the basic stitches, all patterns will be a combination of them. We will learn how to work in rows and round and become comfortable reading patterns.

Our classes are interactive and taught in a home which makes you relax and enjoy your time when you are crocheting or knitting. Designs are basic and easy to learn. No prior experience needed.

Register soon and enjoy our class!

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Classroom Projects

Round Loom Knitting- Things to Remember

Click the below images to understand more about loom knitting basics.


Round loom
Round Loom

Flower Loom

Hat Measurements
Hat Measurements


Crochet – Things to Remember

Click image to understand more about crochet basics.

Crochet Weights & Measurements

General Yarn Conversion

Hat Measurements
Hat Measurements

Skill Level


Go to Loom Knitting Basicsclick here
Go to Crochet Basicsclick here

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