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Hello students interested in the ancient art of “Crochet” and “Knitting”. My name is S.Kavithanjali . I have a wonderful daughter who encourages me to try new fiber art patterns.

I would love to instruct you on everything I know about Fiber Art (Crochet and Loom knitting). As a Fiber Artist I’m still amazed at what you can do with yarn.

My goal is to teach you until you feel comfortable enough to read and understand a crochet pattern, the basic stitches, Loom knitting etc. Everyone will vary as to how fast they learn, some pick it up quickly while others are slow to get it.

I currently design & write my very own patterns

Once you learn, you will be hooked! Some of the most beautiful creations can be achieved with yarn and crochet! If you choose me as your instructor I promise you will be very pleased at my ability to teach and skill set!

I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

Hope to start teaching you soon!

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