Divya’s Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Divya. Have a wonderful year ahead!

Divya's Birthday Party
Divya’s Birthday Party

Divya's Birthday Party
Crochet & Knitting Party

Materials were provided:

Divya's Birthday Party1
Crochet & Knitting Party

Divya's Birthday Party2
Crochet & Knitting Party

Link to Mohika’s Birthday Party [Click here]


2 thoughts on “Divya’s Birthday Party”

  1. Thank you so much Kavitha.
    The Crochet party was the best thing in Divya’s birthday party.
    After a busy lunch with all the kids/games/movies, they were all so hyper and on a sugar high, that having a calming crochet party was awesome. The girls all ages 10-12 were super engaged, concentrating and made their crafts. Most of them were exposed to crochet for the first time which was exciting too. They did not want you to leave..
    on top of learning a new craft and using fine motor skills and helped them focus, it calmed them down.

    thanks Kavitha!


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