Puff Flower Pattern

Puff Flower
Puff Flower


  Medium (worsted) weight wool yarn 
      (Color Yellow)
  Size 5.0mm crochet hook

  SS = Slip Stitch (.)
  SC = Single Crochet (+)
  HDC = Half Double Crochet (Τ)

Rnd 1)
     Magic Loop + Chain 1 and into the loop.
     6 SC and Slip Stitch into the main ring.
Rnd 2)
    A) Chain 1 + 1 SC into the next SC + CH 3
    [Yarn over and insert into the same chain and
    B) Pull the loop till the length of the 3 chains]*
    Repeat it 7 times + Pull through all to make a
    C) Chain 3 and 1 SC into the same SC.
    D) Repeat [A to C]* 5 times to make the petals.
       CH 1 and finish it off
Puff Flower Pattern
Puff Flower Pattern

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