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Art and crafts has been a passion for me from a very young age. After graduating from college, I worked at PayPal for 8 years as a senior software automation engineer. It was so busy at work, that I hardly had time for my hobbies. I quit my job to pursue my passion. I am taking crochet classes for kids and adults


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Extra Extended Single Crochet Infinity Scarf

Extra Extended Single crochet in round:

Infinity Scarf
Infinity Scarf

Yo – Yarn Over
PTI – Pull Through 1

Extra Extended Single Crochet Pattern

1) Chain 200 + Slip Stitch to the first chain to form a ring

2) Ch4 +Skip 1 + (Insert , Yo & PT1+ Yo & PT1+ Yo & PT1, Yo & PT2 )

[Ch 1 +Skip 1 + (Insert , Yo & PT1+ Yo & PT1+ Yo & PT1, Yo & PT2 )]* Repeat till end slip stitch to the 3rd chain

3) Chain 4 + in the left side of the bar (Insert , Yo & PT1+ Yo & PT1+ Yo & PT1, Yo & PT2

Extra Extended Single Crochet in rows:  I will write the pattern for this one soon.



Round loom with 24 pegs.
Rnd 1: Follow the drawstring pattern till the end.
       UWrap around one peg and skip another peg.
Rnd 2 to Rnd 15: Ewrap all 24 pegs. Repeat 15 times
Rnd 16 to Rnd 31: Mark after set of 3 pegs, so you have 8 sets.
       I-Cord pattern = Pegs #1, #2 and #3
       Wrap around all 3 pegs, Knit #2, #1, #3
       #2 to #3 and Knit and back to #2
       #2 to #1 and Knit and back to #2
       #2 and Ewrap and bind off

Abbreviations & Symbols

Abbreviations & Symbols

Reading a crochet pattern is much like reading music notes. Both have marks and symbols. It is difficult to make out the pattern unless you know the basics.

 Commonly used abbreviations

common Abbreviations & symbols
Abbreviations & symbols

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